Whether your film just needs an extra sound effect or a complete post-sound package, Audio Shade has you covered.

Sound Supervision

I will advise you from pre-production to post on how to achieve the highest quality audio, both technically and conceptually.


Does your project need some beefy car engine sounds? Or possibly some late night suburban ambiences with crickets and distant dog barks?
Equipped with an industry-standard recording rig, I'll go out and capture the sounds your project needs to come to life. 
All SFX are delivered rich with metadata, allowing your sound editors to spend less time organizing and more time creating.


With 200+ network TV shows, 5 feature films, and countless commercials under my belt, I'm what they call a sound editing machine.
Working with the finest SFX libraries from the industry's best sound recordists, I'm able to cover a nearly infinite range of content.
I supplement all the sounds missing from your project, including ambiences, foley, sfx, and more.

Dialogue editing/restoration

Dialogue is king.  
If your film is grainy the audience will forgive you. If your dialogue is dirty, the audience will deplore you.
That's why I've always made sure that speech is given the royal treatment it deserves.
Using advanced software, I'll remove hiss, cloth noise, boom handling,
and other unwanted noise that has infiltrated your project.

Sound Design

From monster roars to space ship rumbles,
I paint sounds that bring your picture to life.
Using concepts from your story, I develop sounds that exist solely in your head.

Sound re-recording

Only a highly trained chef can take an assortment of ingredients and mix them into an unforgettable experience.
Whether you want your commercial to pop or your film to whisper, I take your sound edit and bring it to life.
Dialogue will be crisp, music will be full, and sound effects will go boom.

The tech stuff

I work with Pro Tools 11 HD in an acoustically treated studio in a stereo environment.
All projects are safe-guarded by a redundant file-saving system
which ensures no work is ever lost due to a technical failure.
I am able to work with clients remotely over the internet
which provides fast turnarounds under tight deadlines.
All mixes are delivered with isolated audio stems (dialogue, VO, sfx, music, full mix)
which guarantees maximum flexibility with any future mix changes.
I also have a little salt rock lamp that looks really cool.