Complete Post-Sound Package

From Script to Mix, We've Got You Covered

SFX Editing

From lush ambiences to bone-crunching punches, we will make your visuals leap off the screen.

Dialogue Editing

We take take the grit and grime out the production dialogue, because dialogue is king.

Custom Sound Effects

We will record and tweak stylized sounds to make your project stand out from the rest.

Re-Record Mixing

We create an immersive experience by weaving together dialogue, music, and sound effects.

Audio Shade SFX Libraries

Evocative Sounds For Your Next Project

Encore! Concert Audiences

Encore! Concert Audiences is packed with vibrant cheers, applause, and walla to bring your concert crowds to life.

Crowds – American Protest

This library captures the passionate crowds that took to the streets after the presidential election of Donald Trump in 2016.

Quadcopter Flight

'Quadcopter Flight' allows you to paints the skies with these evocative machine sounds.

Examples of our Work

There and Back: Colombia

Post-Production Sound

Experience a traveler’s real-life journey from a unique visual perspective as he engages with the welcoming people, vibrant places, and unforgettable moments that can only be found in Colombia.

Merck For Mothers - "Push"

Post-Production Sound

Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. That's nearly 800 women a day. Most of these deaths are preventable. Merck for Mothers invites you to experience “Push”, a powerful portrayal of three women’s journey to motherhood from around the world.

Johnson and Johnson - "Senses"

Post-Production Sound

Experience a newborn's first year of life in this eye-opening short film.

George Watsky - How To Ruin Everything

Post-Production Sound

Adapted by George Watsky and Jackson Adams from "Ask Me What I'm Doing Tonight!" part of "How to Ruin Everything: Essays" by George Watsky

Client Testimonials

Carlos Lopez Estrada

Carlos Lopez Estrada


"If there is in fact a heaven, I would want it to sound like it was designed by Audio Shade."

Zach Wechter

Zach Wechter


"All the projects we've done together have come to life after passing through their hands!"

BJ Golnick

BJ Golnick


"There is literally no one that I would rather work with on any project big or small. I plan on collaborating with Audio Shade for as long as I can."

S. Jacob Pinger

S. Jacob Pinger


"Audio Shade combines a passion for the craft of sound with a story teller's ear. Their work and instincts elevated my film tremendously. "

Looking for cinematic sound?

Give us a holler and we will discuss your upcoming project. Or if you are looking to obtain a multi-user license for one of our sound effects libraries, we can discuss your different pricing options.

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